The Völklingen Ironworks (in German: Völklinger Hütte) is a steel complex located in the German town of Völklingen in Saarland. The construction of the factory began in 1873 and the center quickly became a unique industrial complex in Europe, ensuring all stages of iron and steel production. In 1994 it was added to the World Heritage List, making the factory the first industrial monument to appear on the list. Since 2011, the URBAN ART dedicated to urban art has been organized there.


Human effort

 isn't that handsome smiling young man 

standing on his leg in plaster 

or stone 

and giving thanks to the puerile artifices of statuary 

the stupid illusion 

the joy of dancing and jubilation

 evoking with the other leg in the air

 the sweetness of coming home 


human effort does not carry a small child on the right shoulder 

another on the head 

and a third on the left shoulder 

with the tools slung 

and the happy young woman clinging to his arm 

Human effort wears a truss 

and the scars of battle

delivered by the working class 

against an absurd and lawless world 

Human effort has no real home 

he smells the smell of his work 

and he is hit in the lungs 

his salary is meager 

his children too

he works like a nigger 

and the nigger works like him

Human effort has no manners 

human effort has not reached the age of reason 

human effort in the age of barracks 

the age of convicts and prisons 

the age of churches and factories 

the age of cannons 

and he who planted all the vines everywhere 

and tuned all the violins 

he feeds on bad dreams 

and he gets drunk with the bad wine of resignation 

and like a big drunken squirrel 

it keeps spinning around 

in a hostile universe 

dusty and low ceiling and he constantly forges the chain 

the terrifying chain where everything is linked 

misery profit work killing 

sadness unhappiness insomnia and boredom 

the terrifying golden 

chain coal iron and steel 

clinker and dust 

passed around the neck 

of a distraught world 

the miserable chain 

where do they cling 

divine charms 

the sacred relics 

crosses of honor swastikas 

lucky marmosets 

the medals of the old servants 

trinkets of misfortune 

and the large museum piece 

the great equestrian portrait 

the large full-length portrait

 the large front portrait in profile on one hop 

the great golden portrait 

the great portrait of 

the great diviner 

the great portrait of the great emperor

 the great portrait of the great thinker 

of the great jumper 

of the great moralizer 

worthy and sad joker 

the head of the big pain in the ass 

the head of the aggressive peacemaker 

the police head of the great liberator

 Adolf Hitler's head 

the head of Monsieur Thiers 

dictator's head 

gunner's head 

from any country 

any color 

the hateful head 

the unhappy head 

head slapping 

head to slaughter 

head of fear 

excerpt from Jacques Prévert,Paroles , Paris, Gallimard, 1946.