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"You think you're on a journey, but soon it's the journey that makes you, or breaks you. All ways of seeing the world are good as long as you come back from it."  

                                                                                                                                  Nicolas Bouvier – L'usage du Monde (The use of the world )(1963).


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... Franche-Comté, Lure ... it is from this forgotten prefecture of Haute-Saône that I write the few lines which will serve as a preliminary to this two and a half month journey ... we will leave France on Monday January 15 by a flight on Vistara which will take us to New Delhi ... then Mumbai, Badami, Hampi, Madurai, Pondicherry, Kolkata, Varanasi and finally the return to France from Delhi on March 25 ...

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I discovered India in 1977 during a memorable hitchhiking trip... it was then the time of all possibilities and our youth gave us "wings", a corollary of the unconsciousness and carelessness that animated us then… My last stay in this country was in 1996. With my wife, coming from Thailand, we had traveled extensively through this vast country of all extremes: the hideous and the beautiful, the silence and the noise, the perfumes and the miasmas, the wealth and the misery constantly coexist there, sometimes bordering on the unbearable... ...almost thirty years have passed since then, what will this journey have in store for us? …


places that we will visit a priori ... and if possible