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A trip is self-evident. It does not take long to prove that it is sufficient in itself. You think you are going to make a trip, but soon it is the trip that makes you, or breaks you.

Nicolas Bouvier – l'Usage du Monde (1963)


I was born in Metz (57) in 1951. At first, I was a celestial wanderer in search of myself and the Other, following the mythical route to India 

in the mid-1970s, then an insatiable traveller driven by an incoercible thirst for novelties and knowledges in the footsteps of

Ella Maillart and Nicolas Bouvier, I soon came to feel the need for photographic practice and, in doing, so to help those who could not travel.

I rubbed shoulders with and shared the existence of these women and men whose ancestors, from the Bosphorus to the China Sea, made the great civilizations. From India to China via Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, I became a photographer.

Numerous exhibitions from the end of the 1980s in Switzerland, Franche-Comté, the Paris region and Auxerre punctuated the alternation of viticultural works but not only, and Asian peregrinations.

In the early 2000s, I spent several months on a voluntary photo mission for Handicap International in South-East Asia.

In 2010, a commission from the city of Montbéliard (25) allowed me to realize an old project by following in the footsteps of Henri Mouhot (1826-1861).

It is to this naturalist explorer from the Franche-Comté region that we owe the re-discovery of Angkor (1860), which he recounts in his magnificent travel report published posthumously in 1863*.  This same work, now republished, served as my bedside book throughout this beautiful undertaking.

This work has been the subject of publications and exhibitions, but unfortunately the editorial adventure has failed.

In November 2017 and May 2018, two short trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zone allowed me to understand the consequences of one of the major disasters of the 20th century.

In essence, reportage is figurative, but I have developed a taste for the side roads as I explore more closely everything around me and abstraction has become, over the years, my first creative space.

(Biennales des arts plastiques de Besançon-25 Doubs and finally l'Art se Dévoile à Château Chalon- 39 Jura).


* Voyage dans les royaumes de Siam, de Cambodge, de Laos et autres parties centrales de l'Indo-Chine. Paris - Le Tour du Monde 1863